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Need to return Normalized entity values from WKS custom model

Applying annotation to documents ingested into WDS using a custom WKS model allows the client to tag content based on their own vocabulary/domain. Currently WKS model can't be configured with the normalizeEntities flag (like Alchemy used to be)  and it means one can't build dynamic filters using aggregation for values based on WKS models. WKS returned all mentions of the entity which results in filters for the end user with all of the surface forms of the entity, instead of the normalized forms.

"options": {
                "extract": "entity",
                "model": "rb:db4b81b5-820a-4094-a10f-237fd4aee9ff",
                "normalizeEntities": 1

  • Nov 2 2017
  • Future Consideration
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Who would benefit from this IDEA? Clients who use WKS custom models to annotate documents in WDS
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