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Allows relevancy training web tooling users to specify the relevancy value of the document

While I know the API supports a range of relevancy, the WDS web tooling for relevancy training only exposes "Relevant" or "Not Relevant" as options.  Can the web tooling be changed to allow the tool's user to specify a relevancy number for each document or at least provide a third option of "Somewhat Relevant"?  Having at least a three option would help the SMEs when there isn't a clear 100% or 0% relevancy decision.  Thanks,

  • Jason Anderson
  • Aug 11 2017
  • Needs review
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  • Michael Ambaye commented
    April 24, 2018 06:41

    *I recently went though the same problem with an SME. It seems like we are stack between

    • WDS tooling: binary relevancy score 
    • excel: boring and takes away the feeling of being involved from the SME
    • designing our own UI for relevancy training: takes time and resources. 

    I hope these gets voted