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Enrich field array seperately

When enriching chatlogs we want to look at each sentence level. The proposed solution here is to split each sentence to seperate documents. Want this to be able to support as an array field inside a JSON file.



Want this: 

"text": ["hello", "how are you today?]

How i need to do it today:

"text1": "hello",
"text2": "how are you today?"

Challenge here is that i have to select each fields to be enriched. 

  • benny hoang
  • Oct 25 2019
  • Needs review
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Who would benefit from this IDEA? as a user of the discovery service i want to upload only 1 json file containing the necessary fields that needs to be enriched instead of seperate files.
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  • Admin
    YUTAKA MORIYA commented
    22 Jan 07:57

    Thank you for your input. Let me clarify the requirement little bit.

    Do you need to distinguish between 2 sentences, "hello" and "how are you today?"?
    For example, you can concatenate 2 sentences (e.g. "hello how are you today?") and store it into 1 field. Then, you can select that field to be enriched.
    Will it be a workaround?