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NLQ should not search numeric fields that specify e.g. offset of entity within text

The json document ingested into WDS ends up with this out of the box NLU detected "Jobtitle" entity, with location offset ending at 2016:

                        "count": 2,
                        "text": "program manager",
                        "mentions": [
                                "text": "program manager",
                                "location": [
                                "text": "program manager",
                                "location": [
                        "relevance": 0.495976,
                        "type": "JobTitle"


When I issue the NLQ query  "2016" thinking that NLQ will only search ALL TEXT FIELDS, this document is returned. No other mentions of 2016 is in the document.

Enhancement request is that WDS NLQ not search fields that do not represent CONTENT of the document. An numerical offset does not reflect the contents of the document and is causing false positives in search results.

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  • May 13 2019
  • Future Consideration
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    September 20, 2019 01:10

    Count and location in this example are both not document content.  I would also argue that the text of the entity should be included in the search, but the text of the entity mentions might be redundant since that text is already in the top level fields that were processed by NLU.