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Retain new line formatting with SDU

For customers who used non-SDU collections, some of them were using "html" field to retain formatting of text. Now with SDU, this feature is no longer there.

We understand that retaining formatting is not possible in SDU. However, newlines are also not respected in SDU and entire text gets stuffed into ugly text.

Suggestion: SDU should retain newline characters from user input documents. If newlines are retained, the output formatting will not look ugly. This is something that customers expect bare minimum to be retained.

The existing solution for newlines (like labeling with non-text field which results in array in JSON) is too cumbersome to implement and having SDU handle bare minimum new lines will simplify implementations. Using non-text label has another downside of not being able to apply enrichment.

  • Lalit Agarwalla
  • May 9 2019
  • Future Consideration
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