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Extract insights from an image using smart document understanding (WDS)

IBM Sellers, Offering managers and marketing team can extract

Use case1: Extract the company location in the magic quadrant like if IBM is listed in Leader's quadrant (Currently WDS can extract the list of companies present in the image)

Use case2: Extract block by block the Org chart from D&B Hoovers Crush report as like how Google does at in a JSON format (

User case 2A: Once after we extract the org chart in JSON we need to also able to create a Chatbot by importing the JSON so that Sellers can ask questions like who is the CEO of Delta airlines from the insights extracted as accordingly

Use case3: We need to extract text from other source like Forrester wave

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  • Apr 10 2019
  • Future Consideration
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Who would benefit from this IDEA? IBM Sellers - Local language translatation; Market research analysts - IBM Marketing/MD&Iers; Offering managers to sell the offering to clients
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