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Adding a confirmation layer before deleting a collection


  • I got this request from a client, who was surprised with the ease of deleting a collection in WDS if you have access to the UI (and I guess with the API too).
    His questions are:

    - Is it possible to create some layer of protection to prevent the deltion of collections by others,
    - If a collection is deleted, is there a way to roll back the changce? if so, what is the process to follow?
There should be some password prompt or some admin action prompt to delete a collection. As people can inadvertently launch such a command either with the API or the UI.
In addition, not being able to roll back/undo changes is also "scary" as mistakes can happen.


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  • Mar 13 2019
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    Phil Anderson commented
    24 Jul 18:55

    Today via the Tooling UI we do prompt you for confirmation to delete a collection. API credentials as well should only be shared with admin type users. As this idea is defined around those concepts I'd say we won't implement. If you think having a rollback concept would be useful independently please create a new idea for that.