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Allow custom IDs for documents when adding them to the discovery index

Whenever we face discovery setups with multiple stages or environments, its very hard and time consuming to manage multiple copies of the same document as discovery generates a new, different ID for each document in each collection. It would make things much easier and faster If one has the ability to provide a custom Id when uploading the documents. This way, they can be easily linked and copied or stored in a backup.


Problem: Currently its only possible to upload documents with custom IDs by using the update function on a non-existing document ID which equals the intended custom ID.

Expected behavior: Updating a non-existing document fails.

Observed behavior: A new document gets created with custom ID.

This doesn't make sense at all because you should not able to create documents via the update function and if, the add route should provide at least the same functionality, i.e. adding documents with custom IDs (e.g. using an optional parameter).

  • Robin Rojowiec
  • Jan 9 2019
  • Already exists
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Who would benefit from this IDEA? As a developer, I want to have control over the document IDs so that handling mulitple environments, stages and backups is much more convenient.
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    Phil Anderson commented
    May 03, 2019 16:53

    The feature as requested "Allow custom IDs for documents when adding them to the index" is already available, as you mentioned using the Update API.  It sounds like you have some exception with our API semantics (that update shouldn't create new).