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Ability to connect to specific Box folders without root folder permissions

When WDS connects to Box, it tries to list all objects from root folder. For this full permission to be given to crawl root box folder.

This is not practical for enterprise Box customers. For example, we can not get root crawl permission for IBM box enterprise. Enterprises usually control Box crawl permissions at folder level. Like in IBM, we got permission to crawl a specific folder but not root folders.

Hence, there needs a way where folder Id can be mentioned while creating Box connection. With this folder Id, WDS should be able to crawl without root folder access.

Without this feature, connecting to Enterprise Box is simply not usable.

  • Lalit Agarwalla
  • Aug 3 2018
  • Planned
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  • Admin
    JOHN PECORARI commented
    August 09, 2018 10:02

    Thanks for your comments Lalit.  We'll look into what can be done to resolve this.

  • Ivan Portilla commented
    August 13, 2018 13:47

    clients impacted by this feature request - upcoming Learn session @ TTEC  ( )