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Allow wildcards to be used in upper case and in phrases

Currently, wildcards can only be used with lower case. If you search for 


this doesn't work. It doesn't bring anything. If you search for


then this brings both documents that have words with the prefix ibm or IBM. 

Allowing the use of wildcards to only lowercase is confusing and limiting. Users expect * to work as it does in most search engines. When people do searches they assume that simple matches (which by documentation are not case sensitive) should be able to work with wildcards. Also, the documentation does NOT indicates that * only work with lower case. 

In addition to this, wildcards can't be used in phrases. For example, you can't look for documents that have the prefix "DB2 11*" to which would be a useful filter to find all references to db2 11.x versions. 

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  • Jun 28 2018
  • Needs review
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Who would benefit from this IDEA? As Support Agent searching for documents in a Watson Discovery repository I will be able to search for patterns in my documents
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